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Hey check ur financial aide again!
I got mine. I was so surprised to see it!!!
Maybe urs came in.

new beginnings

Today is day 1 of no biting my nails! I hope to to incredibly well with this.

Michael jackson died today

It came as a great shock, I was not expecting that.

Water house

It started raining yesterday at 8pmish, and didn't stop until about 7am the next day. Our house is completely flooded and ruined, water got up to our ankle in our house! No one was hurt, but we were up all night bailing water into the tub to drain. Our house is still wet, and I took having a house for granted. My feet haven't been dry since 8ish last night. All my furniture ruined, clothes sopping wet (dryers been going like crazy cause we were using towels to block the doors) and my shoes are wet! I'm sitting at the library right now in shoes that are wet.
I took so many material things for granted, and I truly appreciate the value of owning something. We're going through our stuff to see what we can save.
On top of this my mother blew out her knee two days ago( so it was my dad and I doing all the work). My sister called yesterday saying that her doctor said she would possibly go into labor today (she lives in Dallas, and its a strong possiblity). I'm at the library working on two papers, with finals one week away. I'm giving this to God, and learned that it's in his hands, but I wish I could help.

I need prayer for my family right now. Thanks!!!

Apr. 20th, 2009

I'll open up if you want i'm
Olavae in Hawaii
My friend code is: 4640-5317-4945


last night I was turning my Wii on, and I found out it doesn't work. It has like (hopefully) a blown fuse. I'm gonna call Nintendo and send it in. I haven't had my Wii for about only 4 months maybe... kinda bites that it went out.

I bought a Kindle 2 (book reader. look at amazon.com) and its amazing!!! holds 1,500 books, text to speech, and mp3 ability love it. I put a planner on there so I won't forget to do certain things.


Im writing a 5 page paper in about 3 days. and on the 16th of this month another rough copy of another paper is due. I'm ready for this semester to be over. I have a summer class to do, and then finally I get a break

Attention Deficit....

This is dedicated to the students who really do have ADD and ADHD and struggle with it. It is also for those who support those with ADD and have stood by our side for years. If it's anything from mild to extreme ADD or ADHD, your pain is understood. Here are laws that govern in
dealing with those who are ADD.

1. When a non-ADD/HD person is speaking is interrupted by an ADD/HD person, you cannot be offended. Understand that it is not because what you are saying is boring, but the said ADD person had a whim.

2. Law of Randomness: Non-ADD/HD people shouldn't look at an ADD/HD person when they make a comment that's out of the blue as if they are alien. If said ADD/HD person wants to say a random fact about coffee when you're talking about the zoo, just smile!

3. For extreme ADD/HD off medication, understand there isn't any moderation in their mood. They are either hyper or tired.

4. If said ADD/HD person is tired, do not bother them. Enjoy the silence because chances are it won't last long.

5. Law of Patience/ Impatience: If you are the friend of a person with mild-extreme ADD/HD, you understand one quality you have to have is patient.
On the part of the person with ADD/HD, they maybe impatient at times (especially if they are hungry, but they are not to be rude about it) If the said ADD/HD person goes to extreme temperments in public, their friend (patient) does have the right to leave or give a gentle slap on the back.

6. Law on Love: Most of the time, ADD/HD people have a lot of love for their friends, family, and significant other. They have different methods of showing it.If you are confused by a certain event, understand that it's their way of saying you are wonderful.

7. Law of Movement: A. When an ADD person twitches or swings their hands around when they speak, know they are not deaf. Do not try their sign language because you will hurt your own mind.
B. When the ADD person is speaking with their hands, don't imitate them because they will be confused even more. This confusion can cause brain damage to said person.

8. A perfectionist or A-type personality thrives on working for their best. ADD/HD people don't have A- or B-type. An ADD/HD person thrives on being social. This is a natural right given to them because of their ADD/HDness. As a non-ADD/HD friend or supporter, the stated must not take said right away from them!
(Certain punishment results in being surrounded by energectic, off-medication ADHD people).

9.Law of Medicated Concentration: When a person with ADD/HD takes their medication and is hard at work, do not poke or prod, or make fun of said person for their intense concentration. If this law is ignored you can expect an angry/panicked reaction from said person, or possibly a 'freak out' (Abby Wood)

10. If you as the friend suggest something to do keep in mind if ADD/HD friend isn't on their medication they will be bored in less than 10 minutes...unless it deals with something of extreme interest. Examples would be ice cream or anything with sugar.

11. If a person breaks into dance in the middle of strange areas, i.e. parking lots, football field, or pedestrian walking while humming their own tune either A) Laugh WITH them. Laughing at them causes serious damage not to be mentioned here. Or B) If person dancing in dangerous place, i.e. middle of the road, non-ADD/HD person must save them.

12. Law of All Over the Place:
A non ADD/HD person may run into their ADD/HD friend more than twice within the timespan of an hour at different places on campus. Do not be afraid because they do not know how to teleport. But, it is normal since ADD/HD people just like to be "all over the place" and keep themselves busily entertained to avoid boredom (aka studying or doing homework).

13. Law of Piles - (and not the ones on your anus! Sick People out there)

Never mess with piles of objects made by one with ADD/HD! This can result in death. Those pile are the person's "filing cabinet" or closet! NEVER mess with piles!

14. Law of Erratic Eyes:
Do not be alarmed if you are in conversation with an ADD/HDer and he or she does not make solid eye contact, but instead glances around constantly as if he only recently survived a zombie attack that he expects to be repeated at any moment. He was not necessarily abused as a child, is not necessarily untrustworthy, and does not necessarily think you are boring and/or unattractive. Nor does it mean you should brace for attack from the rear, turn around to see what the hell he is looking at, or ask if you have something on your face, as this will only distract him. It is just that for an ADD/HDer, looking at one fixed point for any length of time at all is as almost as difficult as chewing gum while laying eggs and levitating. If he or she is standing or sitting in one place to talk to you (or walking around in your general location and picking up random objects to examine while talking to you), accept this as a signal that if he were ADD/HD-free, he would be boring a hole through your eyeballs and into your brain with the weight of his gaze alone, putting you at severe risk for brain hemorrhage.

Corollary: If an ADD/HDer stares you in the eye for more than .7 seconds, and you are not incredibly attractive or incredibly unattractive, you should probably run.

Second Corollary: If he screams, "Look out!" and points to something behind you, be thankful he has ADD/HD and wasn't staring you in the eye. But do it after you have gotten your *** to relative safety, because something bad is about to happen to the back of you.

Law of Mix and Matchness
ADD/HD people have the full right to wear mix-matched socks with-out question. It entertains them, and makes finding socks easier. Instead of trying to find a two blues socks, all we have to do is pull out two socks and put them on.

Law of 'special school'

If an ADD/HD person is at a 'special school', understand that they are not stupid (in fact most ADD/HD people are very smart, they may SEEM to be stupid (see laws 10, 13 and 16) They are there because of the fact that they/we learn Differently!

Laws of Cleaning:
NEVER attempt to clean a ADHD persons room because NO matter HOW messy it may be. it is VERY clean and orginized to them and they know where every thing is. Cleaning there room or even worse organizing it will only cause them confusing and they will more than likely to ether takle you, bit you ankel or pee on you face in while you sleep.

Law of forgetfullness :
ALWAYS respect the time frame when giving an important task to an ADDer... Priorities should always be presented in the morning , 45 min and 2 cups of coffee after the medication , and before 3p.m. , when medication wears out .. if the subject of interest is a non medicated ADDer and the importance of the task is imperative , , the suggestion is to DO IT YOURSELF , and avoid the OPS.. effect or white-lies cover-up syndrome .. ps- did the ADDer who wrote this explained those 2 laws ??? OPS...

law of dance:
If one with add/hd is at a concert and is very erratic, give him/her space...he/she probably wants to dance.....DANCING IS LIKE FISH....GOOD!

This list kind explains me to a T.

Special Education

Being a resource teacher is like...

- being on a hamster wheel. You're running and running but aren't sure you're getting anywhere.

- being on a roller coaster. There's a long uphill climb and just when you reach the top, you drop down suddenly, or have unexpected twists and turns, and at the end of the ride you enjoyed it... or feel like throwing up. Sometimes both.

- juggling chainsaws. You have so many things in the air, and every one is potentially harmful.

- a massive mosaic tapestry. It's beautiful, there's a larger pattern in there, but close up it can be overwhelming.

- herding rabid cats. They're random, difficult to control, and occasionally turn on each other.

- a tangle of skipping ropes. You know they can be undone, but the trick is finding all the ends and where they go.

- like climbing a steep mountain. No matter how much I bitch, moan, and complain, the mountain is still there. It's hard and frustrating, but the view from the top is spectacular.

- like skiing blindfolded. I keep getting hit by things I didn't see coming and spend a lot of my time face first on the ground.

I have 1 to 2 years left until I get my bachelor's degree, and then I transfer out as a junior to get my bachelor's.
These statements feel exactly like I feel right now except I haven't even gotten to be inside a classroom at all. I'm tired of being in school to teach school. I'm frusturated and cannot see the future. Stress is driving me crazy!
Classes started on Tuesday and in American Literature since the Civil War, the second day of class had a quiz. I thankfully got a 90, I missed 1 question and would have gotten a 110. Darn it. I couldn't remember the answer for anything, drew a total blank. In Government 2, I have a quiz Tuesday. I already have completed some extra credit and have 2 extra points for my first test. In Texas History I have a 608 page book to read by February 17, along with my other (numerous) required reading in other classes. Art appreciation I have a spray can project due, Thursday. So you can clearly tell from this semester is quite hectic, and that was only the first week!

My body has become tolerant of the Methylin medication. Today I have taken a "med break" so I can start my meds back up. I'm going to take a smaller dosage for a while to see if I can achieve my goals. *crosses fingers* I don't want to keep "upping" the dosage, that I would like to avoid as long as possible.

Also, I seem to just be writing this journal for myself. LOL, I have no responses. That sux of course. Ah well, what can ya do?

I'm delaying reading the Empire How Spain Became a World Power from 1492-1763. I seem to have my life on track but I'm just not happy. By no means am I depressed, but I would just like to feel something other than stress. I go to school in the morning and work in the afternoon. I have no time to relax or even meet people. I'm getting pressure from my sister and mother about dating. And my friends are currently in the nesting phase. I am feeling jealous about that, but going to pray. I need to follows God's plan that is set before me.

Time to read.